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My wife, 7 year old daughter, 3 year old son, elderly big black dog and I piled into our station wagon in August 1997 and took a six day trek to Brownsville.  About four times a day, Jonathan, our son, asked if we were there yet.  Finally, we crossed the line from Louisiana and announced that we were in Texas!  After a minute's hesitation, Jonathan asked, "where are the horses?" 


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"I came to Brownsville with a faculty appointment to educate a pool of people with technical skills and expertise to attract industry. New industry did not come but the pool in Brownsville provided technical help for local companies, many with Keppel Amfels at the Port, and many more around Texas and the US.  Retired as Professor Emeritus in 2013, I have been working for a better Brownsville and Cameron County, helping guide them from a plan for a toll highway in West Brownsville to the first International bicycle trail in the U.S.  I have served on the Board of CDCB, am currently on the boards of both the LRGV Sierra Club and the state Lone Star Sierra Club.  I am a founding member of Save RGV from LNG, now Save RGV, and a member of Frontera Progressives. I created a list of weekly Public Meeting Agenda links, now attached to this web site.  I believe that a wonderful port would be a vital part of a wonderful Brownsville, Los Fresnos and Laguna Madre area."

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The Port of Brownsville is at a Fork in the Road

  • It can choose to be an oil and gas port, striving for the past, like the other three major Texas ports, or it can go into the rest of the 21st century with new goals and a global outlook.

  • It can chose to manage its environmental quality to be "fair" to the oil and gas industry or for good area health.

  • Rio Grande plans to open with one employee for 9 acres of its leased area, and at full capacity have one employee for three acres, while Keppl Amfels has between 12 and 21 employees per acre. Jobs, jobs, jobs.